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MyCheats.Net Updates Most Of Their Game Hacks!

Hey guys, a little birdie just flew in and told me that mycheats.net just released updated version of their game hacks. So, good news alright :-) Let’s dig a little bit deeper shall we?

League Of Angels Hack

League of Angels Hack Mycheats.net

First of all, League Of Angels hack got a whole new remake. Inside source from mycheats.net claimed that previous version of LoA hack tended to sometimes break a PC on x64 Windows systems.. just by hanging you on a blue screen of death. The source told me that was caused by an error in script causing memory leak ending up in endless CPU loop LOL… Well, we are all humans and that stuff happens.

Dungeon Keeper Hack

dungeon keeper hack mycheats.net

Then mycheats.net version of Dungeon Keeper hack had a major bug fix. Turned out, it did not work at all LOL… oh well, apparently, someone forgot to remove commented section of inject server connection from a working hack lol… You ended up with a program running in a loop. Well, it works now cause I did tested it myself. Smooth, fast and, good job guys. Hate waiting on resources or pay for them in this case.

Clash Of Clans Hack

clash of clans hack

As you know guys, Clash of Clans got bought by some company for a very very big lump of cash and new owner, of course, changed few things in the game. As of today Mycheats.net have THE ONLY working free version of Clash of Clans hack that is out there! I kid you not! Most of the hacks you get are at least 3 months old. So, good job again guys and thanks for this release!

Free PSN Code Page

According to this post, mycheats.net did not had a working free psn code at all. They just “forgot” to include the code generator service and it run on just one set of the codes that they provided intially for testing purposes and, of course, they have been used up long time ago. But, good news are, I tested after their update and got a valid $10 free PSN code from that webpage. Thanks again! Have to say that their free PSN code generator works like a charm and you can download it from this page.

Hello Hero Hack

Hello Hero Hack

I just wanted to say thanks for getting this one in working order again. With the last Hello Hero updates there were virtually no free hacks available until today mycheats.net released updated version of free working Hello Hero hack for all of us fans out there :-) THANK YOU!

Dragon City Hack

Dragon City Hack

While this particular game title never moved it, I know there are lots of Dragon City fans out there. So guys, good news for you all, you don’t have to look for odd ways to cheat the game, you can simply use this Dragon City hack from mycheats.net to train your pets and kick ass big time :-) Again, thank you guys for giving us tools and cheats to save time (or spend money) on stupid virtual items lol.. Amen!

So, while you all now will be extremely eager to pimp your characters, keep in mind – use these hacks and tools in moderation or you will either ruin whole game play fun or get your account banned because it would look too unreal.

For more news you can always visit mycheats.net and see what the guys out there have to say. Word is out, you can also request a particular game hack… if you pay them well.

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Christmas is better with Steam wallet codes!

Steam Wallet Codes are a great for any gamer in your house, especially for Christmas. The way that they work is quite simple. It is the same way that a game activation code works. These game activation codes can be exchanged for credits using your Steam Wallet. Many people are now aware that these codes can be located in various retail outlets almost everywhere in the world. Plus, there is a large selection of denominations to choose from.

Steam wallet code

For those of you who are new to Steam you may be wondering about the way to exchange Steam codes? The first thing that you do is obtain a Wallet Code card. These cards are available in various dollar amounts. You decide upon the amount that you would like to purchase and then go to the checkout section. There you will pay for it and receive a multi-numbered digit code from the cashier. Once you return home, log on to your wallet account and head over to the Exchange Steam Wallet Code location. If you do not have an account, do not worry, as it is easy to set up a new account.

Once you have gone to the Exchange a code screen you will be directed to a screen where you enter your multi-numbered digit code. Then you will be prompted to continue. If you glance up to the upper right-hand corner of the screen you will see that the dollar amount has been added to your Steam Wallet. As a side note, when you are in the purchase section of the checkout you will notice that the cost of any item purchased plus any applicable taxes will be removed from your wallet funds.

20$ Steam Code

20$ Steam Code

There are many locations to buy your Steam Wallet Codes. One of the more popular outlets is at Gamestop. There are many streaming games that are awesome to play. Games like Cabela’s African Adventure, Bridge Constructor, or my all-time favorite Pinball FX2 – Star Wars. These and many other games can be played for hours upon hours of entertaining fun. For example, Pinball FX2 is a great game for all you pinball enthusiasts out there. After all, who does not enjoy the epic battles of Darth Vader and the Empire against Luke Skywalker and his rebel forces? Therefore, sign up today for your own personal Stream Wallet Code account and “May the Force be With You”.

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Development of Emulators for High-End Consoles in 2013

I used to be mostly keen on Xbox and Playstation 3 emulator and i found the following useful article concerning couple of ones that actually work and have proper support.


Xbox 360 Emulator for PC – Tutorial and Download – 2013 from Samuel on Vimeo.

Since the beginning of 2013 there was much advance in terms of emulator stability, performance and overall speed at which the games run when emulated on PC. Of course not all emulators are same in their ability to run games at maximum graphics and resolution. Development of each of these emu’s is different and requires people and programmers with different skills.

For example Nintendo 3DS Emulator For PC was much easier to configure with the latest games and it is much more user friendly platform to work with then for example Xbox 360 Emulator which turned out to be a very hard to work with due to the nature of Xbox 360 BIOS and the Console software itself. On the other hand , much like the emu for PS2 that was produced way before standard Xbox Emulator because the BIOS for it was much easier to replicate. Same thing is with PS3 and after 3DS , it was the easiest platform to work with.

What can we expect from High End Console Emulators in 2013

Nintendo 3DS Emulator 2013 is in fact the most advanced and perfected one of these 3 high-end consoles that many developers are working on this year.

Most important things would the be the Bios and Plugins for it since they allow you to play 3DS games on much higher resolution then before. Many updates are expected in the next period on this , and it will only improve the gameplay experience as most games run very well as it is.

PS3 Emulator for PC

PS3 Emulator For PC was the second emulator after 3DS Emulator that was made by the community of developers and after many beta tests , in January we had the first look at the working Playstation 3 Emulator 2013 that could run PS3 games such as Uncharted and many other games that were previously impossible to play due to low frame rate.


Xbox 360 emulator for pc

Xbox 360 Emulator for PC is actually the latest one that is currently worked on but it looks like its one of the most successful ones. Since testing it requires time there were many community members that were glad to test the early beta versions this emu.

Its good to see that recent updates for Xbox 360 Emulator BIOS 2013 were a success in bringing those frame rates higher and adding many popular supported games.

There are many things to expect from Console Emulators and www.Hackingnation.org is trying to provide the best resources and guides on how to use them. We are sure that you will find the right emulator that you want to play on your PC , so check out each of them and read more about this subject on their pages.

Most of them now have auto updater feature and it will notify you when there is new version available. For example if you want to download Nintendo 3DS Emulator BIOS or plugins you can do so within the emu itself as it will check for updates on both of them when launching. Same would go with PS3 Emulator 2013 download and its BIOS and supported files and plugins.

Originally written and published here:


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Getting The Free PSN Card Codes in 2013 – Complete Guide

I personally enjoyed this post and it is one of the better guides regarding online psn code generator on http://giftcardsbay.com. If you have PS3 and you also need to get those totally free cards this is the best answer in my opinion. I would like to include that activity do the job great.


Continue reading

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Complete Guide for PSN Code Generator – 2013

There are many benefits of using Playstation Network Codes instead of credit card when buying video games online. WIth the release of PS3 ,PSN really came to life and offered many solutions for members to play online and enjoy other features as well. Now that PS4 is announced its still good to have PSN Cards active on your account ,because they will surely be counted for new console as well.

PSN Cards

You might be wondering yourself , is there a way to get the codes for free. Here in this guide we will try to explain to you how the PSN Code generator works , and what the difference is between giveaways and hacks that you may encounter when searching online.

What is PSN Card Generator ?

The type of generator we like to focus on is the one that’s in fact a giveaway software and not a hack and there are numerous reasons for that . We will discuss that later in the post. So here is how the generator it self looks like.

PSN Generator 2013

What makes this one different then the others is that its a part of the giveaway and its only used for calculating entries that members get by liking , sharing and other things and sends the PSN cards to those who have enough. It has a system of databases , where you can download separate 10, 20 and 50$ psn codes and possibly get one from all 3. This was made even better with the version 2 where you actually get benefit if you collect entries for the monthly giveaway , and that way you will be able to get more then 3 codes per day.You also get a chance to win in monthly draw where most active members are rewarded with more playstation network cards in addition to ones they get in daily giveaway. One advice is that you always download new database for the generator since its updated on daily basis and using old ones will not work. You can download ps3 code generator from the post on giftcardsbay.com and there you can find other information about it.

Here you can also watch the Youtube video tutorial

We said that its better to use giveaway type of generator and this is why. Those so called hacks usually dont work , at least when we tested them , and here you know that certain amount of free psn codes will be given away each day and they are all bought by sponsors and will not be removed from the account that redeems them. Similar goes for all other types of consoles like Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii U .


Steam Controller: Developers Weigh In

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Sony: 24 PS4 Exclusives Announced, 14 Studios Working on Them

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